We support VIJFadvies with their video conferencing infrastructure

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

VIJFadvies is a small management consulting firm. They mainly focus on the public sector (with municipalities of all around the Netherlands), but they have also worked for private sector organisations, such as MVRDV.

During the outbreak of the Corona Crisis, VIJFadvies had to coordinate many of their projects from home. Coding Delta supported them during this time and set up their video conferencing infrastructure.

Through the open-source software Jitsi, we set up VIJFadvies’ own video conferencing tool. We branded the entire experience to match VIJFadvies’ design and style. Therefore, each interaction with VIJFadvies’ clients feels a bit more special than a regular conference call.

Please get in touch if you would like to have your own, branded video conferencing tool.

Follow the link to get to know more about VIJFadvies.