The Talent Institute

We develop and organise machine learning workshops for the The Talent Institute.

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Talent Institute (TTI) is a renowned educational organisation in Amsterdam. They provide talent development programs for the next generation of young professionals and connect these young professionals to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

The trainees taking part in The Talent Institute's are educated on all the latest trends and developments in the technology industry, whereafter they apply their learnings at the companies that hired them.

Coding Delta is proud to take part in TTI's development program and to facilitate workshops on the rapidly emerging field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In a 3 hour workshop, Coding Delta helps the trainees to understand the basics of Machine Learning both on a theoretical level and a practical level. We deep dive into the mathematical ideas behind Machine Learning and how this can be applied to the companies the trainees work for.

Are you also interested in an introductory session on Machine Learning? Please get in touch with us.