Developing a full featured dashboard where building data and urban data is visualized and an actionplan is deduced by connecting big players in this field.

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The construction industry and city operators generate large amounts of data at every stage of a project. During the development, CAD designs are created, resulting in very detailed drawings of the buildings. During construction, high-tech equipment is continuously generating high-quality data, while sensor data helps to decrease costs and improve the quality of the indoor climate when the building is operational.

All of this data needs to be visualised in intuitive ways in order to draw meaningful lessons from the data. Green Building Data Factory (GBDF B.V.), is helping their clients achieving just this. Thereby helping the construction industry to make better decisions and lower costs.

At Coding Delta, we start with understanding the problem and the end-customer's needs. We extensively interviewed the GBDF-team and GBDF's clients to deduce the necessary insights, developing the Proof-of-Concept (PoC) and laying out a technical roadmap which served as the foundation for the Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

Please follow the link to get to know GBDF B.V.